Viz Vectar Plus User Guide

Version 1.3 | Published November 18, 2022 ©

System Requirements

Please see Viz Engine Administrator Guide for details on Viz Engine System requirements. In addition, the following lists some (additional) requirements that apply when running two Engine instances next to the Viz Vectar Plus application.

  • Codemeter Runtime (installed with the bundle installer) is required to use the WIBU license system. Details can be found in the manual in section WIBU-based Licensing System. Please refer to the Vizrt Licensing documentation for information on how to apply a license container.

  • Drivers

    • A valid OpenGL GPU board is mandatory

    • Please refer to the Viz Engine Administrator Guide for which GPUs and drivers Viz Engine has been tested and certified with .

    • For cloud based installations, make sure a valid driver is installed. Some cloud instances install drivers for compute use only. A OpenGL rendering capable driver is required.

  • At least 12 GB of texture memory are required when using both Viz Engine instances in UHD/4K resolutions.

  • MultiGPU setups are currently not supported.

  • The latest recommended drivers are in the Viz Engine Release Notes.

  • 1080i resolutions are automatically rendered in 1080p.

    Note: Viz Engine will not start up if you are connected via Remote Desktop, as this setup does not allow for OpenGL output. For AWS instances, NICE DCV viewer is recommended. Or consider using a VNC client, for example TightVNC, as an administrative back-end.