Viz Vectar Plus User Guide

Version 1.3 | Published November 18, 2022 ©

Virtual PTZ

Virtual PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom), also referred to as pan and scan, is a unique Switcher input feature applied to standard video sources (those which are not actually connected to physical PTZ cameras).

Real PTZ cameras, when connected and configured, show Pan, Tilt, and Zoom controls in their Input tab of the corresponding Input Configuration panels.

  • The Virtual PTZ feature adds similar controls to all Switcher sources (except M/Es, which already have similar capabilities thanks to Comps). This includes Media Players and Buffers.

  • Virtual PTZ includes Presets and Speed controls, you can zoom in/out and pan around within the frame supplied by any source.

  • These features are useful with UHD video sources and can also be used to mimic the Ken Burns effect (pan and scan) when applied to imagery in Media Players.