Viz Vectar Plus User Guide

Version 1.3 | Published November 18, 2022 ©


The Audio Mixer input labeled TALKBACK serves a special purpose, providing a way to converse with remote Skype callers off-air (without intruding into your live program). You can choose what audio source to supply for TalkBack purposes from a variety of input types, as discussed in the previous sections.

As mentioned earlier, by default the Connection option for an external Audio Mixer input assigned to a Skype TX™ channel allows the corresponding control group to govern incoming audio from that remote Skype caller. In this case (that is, when an audio control is ‘listening’ to incoming audio from a Skype TX channel), a new button labeled TALK appears beside the group’s SOLO button.

When the TALK button is lit, audio you supply via the TALKBACK input (typically a microphone connected to one of the inputs on the system’s backplane, or perhaps the system Stereo Mix supplying audio with sound from a 1/8” motherboard audio input) is sent to the remote caller, temporarily replacing the normal mix-minus sound that remote caller would otherwise hear.

At the same time, the Mixer sends incoming sound from the remote Skype caller to its Headphone output, enabling you to have a two-way conversation Off Air.

Tip: You will want to take steps (such as by enabling Mute, or perhaps Follow Program Video) to prevent sound from the Skype caller being sent to your live audio mix during TalkBack conversations.