Viz Vectar Plus User Guide

Version 1.3 | Published November 18, 2022 ©

Configuring Video Inputs

Video inputs appear as monitors in the Live Desktop’s monitoring section.


Individual monitor viewports on the Live Desktop can be flexibly assigned to different Switcher sources and outputs.

Working with Monitors

Complete monitor layouts can be stored and recalled using tools in the main menu, Workspaces.

To create a monitor

  1. From the menu bar, select Workspaces.

  2. Monitoring layout presets are listed at the top of the menu A through D.
    Select the layout labeled A under Multiview 1 (if it isn’t already check-marked).

  3. By default, this default monitoring pane shows individual viewports for the various Switcher sources.

  4. To continue to assign sources, either

    1. Select Configure from an input monitor’s (right-click) context menu

    2. Move your mouse over the viewport (for example) INPUT 1.

    3. A Configure button (gear icon) appears at lower right.
      Click to open a tabbed settings panel.

      Tip: A quicker way to access the Input configuration panel: Double-click the viewport (for a touch-screen, tap the viewport with two fingers).

    4. Click the Source drop-down for a list of sources. Black and other local system resources are listed first under the Local heading. Additional NDI sources discovered on your network are listed below.
      For NDI sources, selecting an entry completes the connection. If you choose an local system resources, further selections may be required.

    5. The Format field defaults to Auto-Detect. Generally, this option suffices. For other sources, select the correct format.

    6. Close the Configuration panel for now (click Close, or click outside the panel to close it).

    7. Continue to configure additional video sources in the same manner.

You can now view the video inputs you have configured among the Live Desktop multiview monitors.

Video Router Input‌s

To configure a video router input‌

  • To select which router input will be transmitted to the Switcher input, right-click on the Switcher row button for the video input where the router is connected (see Input Connections).