Viz Engine Administrator Guide

Version 5.0 | Published December 20, 2022 ©

Unreal Engine

Settings to communicate with and control Unreal Engine.


  • Aux Rendering: Needed for integration with Unreal Engine.

  • SHM Sync Master: Defines how the synchronization between Viz Engine and Unreal Engine should work.

    • Disabled

    • Master

    • Slave

    • UE Master

  • SHM Master Key: A unique identifier key.

  • UDP Sender, UDP Standalone Game, and UDP Receiver: Defines which ports are being used to communicate with Unreal Engine.

A delay in frames can be set for each individual camera. This defines how much delay the Viz camera has to compensate the delay between requesting and retrieving the Unreal Rendering.

Project Directory defines the location your unreal projects are located on your hard disk. This location is used when restoring projects from a file collection to a playout machine. Editor is the executable that is started if the Editor Launch Behavior is set to Always or On Air.

If a scene has a file collection associated, the unreal project is restored from Graphic Hub to the given Project Directory. The Editor Launch Behavior defines whether Unreal Editor is launched with the given launch Editor Launch arguments.

  • Always means that the editor is launched regardless of Viz Engine being in On Air Mode or not (Viz Artist).

  • On Air only launches the editor if Viz Engine is in playout mode.

Start/Close Unreal Engine using Viz Engine in On Air Mode

You can start/close Unreal Engine, show FPS and GPU statistics by clicking the Unreal Control button.

The Start UE Editor button uses the highlighted settings.