Viz Engine Administrator Guide

Version 5.0 | Published December 20, 2022 ©

HP Z4 G4

This section describes how to setup a HP Z4 G machine with the different cards provided by Vizrt. More details about the HP Z4 G4 can be found on HP’s website: HP Z4.

images/download/thumbnails/105096493/front.png images/download/attachments/105096493/open.png

Info: Only newer Matrox Boards like X.mio3 and DSX.LE4 are shipped with Z4 G4 workstations. Older videoboards are not tested by Vizrt.

PCI Configuration




Slot 1

Graphics Card only! (Single / Dual Slot)

Slot 2

Used if Dual Slot GPU is installed

Slot 3

Possible Expansion Card Installation:

Blue Storm
Sea Level
Single Port Network Card
Video Cards (Matrox Video Boards)

Slot 4

Expansion Cards (see Slot 3, except Matrox Video Board)

Slot 5

Matrox AES Audio

Default Hardware

  • Tower 4RU

  • CPU Render: 1x Intel Xeon W-2133 (3.6GHz 6-Core)

  • CPU Control: 1x Intel Xeon W-2102 (2.9GHz 4-Core)

  • RAM Render: 32 GB DDR 4 (4x 8GB)

  • RAM Control: 16 GB DDR 4 (2x 8GB)

  • SSD1: 256 GB S-ATA (Operating System)

  • SSD2: 512 GB M.2 NVMe (Data and Clips, only in Render PC)

  • RAID Controller: Intel SATA/NVMe M.2

  • Power Supply: 1x 750W 90% Efficient

BIOS Configuration

  • During Post, press F10 to access BIOS Setup.

  • Go back to Advanced Tab > Secure Boot Configuration.

    • Select: Legacy Support Disable and Secure Boot Enable.

  • Go back to Advanced Tab Overview.

    • Click on Build in Device.

  • Increase PCIe Idle Fan Speed to: 0050.

  • Press ESC and save Configuration.

Info: Certain third party vendor drivers require secure boot to be disabled to install properly.