Viz Engine Administrator Guide

Version 5.0 | Published December 20, 2022 ©


Viz Engine offers an open API to allow any control application to integrate with.

After installation of the software, please proceed with the following advisories:

  • Change the default User password. See Prerequisites.

  • Do not run Viz Engine with Administrator rights.

  • Disable Remote Access for WIBU Codemeter Webadmin and use SSL (Configuration > Basic > Webadmin).

  • Remove any unneeded services.

    • If FSmon and ArdFTP are not needed, do not install them.

    • Enable Viz Engine REST interface only if needed.

  • The recommended Nvidia driver should be used; however, new vulnerabilities can have been made public after the release of this software and it might be necessary to upgrade the Nvidia driver (see for details).

  • Do not expose any shares on the network.

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