Graphic Hub Administrator Guide

Version 3.8 | Published February 06, 2023 ©

Selecting a Graphic Hub Mode

When a Graphic Hub is installed a mode must be selected. This section details information on the different modes, to help with the selection. Depending on the mode which is to be installed, a Graphic Hub license dongle may be required.

The Graphic Hub can be installed for a Cluster, Multi User or Single User:


A Cluster installation is an installation with multiple servers for multiple clients to access a Graphic Hub. To install a Graphic Hub as a Cluster, use the Main Server and Replication Server modes.

Multi User

The 5/4 Free and Multiuser configurations give access to multiple concurrent TCP/IP connections to a Graphic Hub.

  • 5/4 Free provides up to five connections and is recommended for sharing content in small Viz Artist work-groups. For example, installations on laptops and single workstations. This mode does not require a license dongle.

  • Multiuser provides up to 800 (if required) connections (dongle required) and is recommended for all scalable Viz Artist work-groups. This mode requires a license dongle.

Single User

A Localhost configuration is a single connection to a Graphic Hub. This mode is for local Viz Artist installations, without a permanent network connection, and without the requirement of a license dongle. For example, installations on laptops and single workstations.

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