Graphic Hub Administrator Guide

Version 3.8 | Published February 06, 2023 ©

Graphic Hub Startup

This section details the procedures to start and shutdown the Graphic Hub and the startup of a configured Graphic Hub database. All Graphic Hub configurations are started through the Graphic Hub Terminal.

To log in and use a Graphic Hub, see Graphic Hub Login and Log Out.

To Start a Graphic Hub

  1. Open the Graphic Hub Terminal:

    • Click Start > All Programs > Vizrt > Graphic Hub > GH Terminal, or

    • Double-click the Graphic Hub Terminal desktop icon. The Graphic Hub Terminal opens in the default web browser.

      Note: Each time the Viz GH Terminal desktop icon is double-clicked a new Graphic Hub Terminal instance is opened.

  2. Start a Graphic Hub Server:

    1. The last used server configuration is available.

    2. Click Start Server.

    3. Click Mode.

    4. Select the required Graphic Hub mode (see Graphic Hub Modes and Selecting a Graphic Hub Mode).

    5. Click Load and run configuration > Select configuration.

      Note: From the same menu, select Load Configuration to load and modify a configuration. Then start that configuration.

Localhost, 5/4 Free and Multiuser Startup Screen


Cluster Startup Screen