Graphic Hub Administrator Guide

Version 3.8 | Published February 06, 2023 ©

Graphic Hub Manager and Viz Artist Troubleshooting

This page contains the following topics:

Viz Artist Does Not Respond

If Viz Artist stops responding, files that were open keep their locks. Graphic Hub usually releases the session within a certain interval, but you should check if Viz Artist is responding to the session release attempt.

To Restore a Locked or Corrupt File after Viz Artist Stopped Responding

  1. In Graphic Hub Manager, log into the server where the corrupted file is located.

  2. Check the Active Session to see how long it takes for the server to clean up the session.

  3. Check the Application Name and IP address in the Server Information's Active Sessions window.

  4. Once all processes are complete, all related files are unlocked and checked in, and you can continue with Restoring Corrupted Files.

Graphic Hub Manager and/or Viz Artist Cannot Find Servers

When searching for servers, the system cannot detect any.


  1. Disable all network blocking applications, like firewalls, anti-virus software, VPNs, virtual network adapters, etc.

  2. Ask your system administrator to open necessary ports on the company’s firewall between the Graphic Hub Server, Graphic Hub Manager and/or Viz Artist.

Graphic Hub Manager or Viz Artist Does Not React in Server Tree

Sometimes you cannot get into the server tree. This is mostly due to a lost server connection. If you suspect the server connection is lost, a good first step is to click around the server tree. If it does not update, exit the application and log back in.

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