Graphic Hub Administrator Guide

Version 3.8 | Published February 06, 2023 ©

Maintain Graphic Hub REST Bindings

Select Maintenance from the main menu to show information about the currently configured Graphic Hub connection, its bindings, and failover Graphic Hubs. Graphic Hub REST is automatically registered and the configuration is stored when connecting to a Graphic Hub for the first time.

The Graphic Hub REST to Graphic Hub bindings enable third party applications to discover the currently connected Graphic Hub REST servers on a Graphic Hub.

  • Protocol: The protocol used to connect to the specified Graphic Hub REST.

  • Hostname: The host name or IP address for the specified Graphic Hub REST.

  • Port: The port of the specified Graphic Hub REST web server.

  • Service doc path: The path where the service doc is configured on the specified Graphic Hub REST.

  • Service doc accept type: Defines the http request headers accept type used to retrieve the service document on the configured service document path.

Click Apply to apply any changes, or Back to go back to the main configuration page. If Graphic Hub REST runs as a replication cluster (failover or load balanced), you must also change the configuration of the proxy.

Click the trashcan icon to remove a Graphic Hub REST binding from the list. Accidentally deleted Graphic Hub REST bindings can be re-applied by configuring the deleted Graphic Hub REST again.