Graphic Hub Administrator Guide

Version 3.8 | Published February 06, 2023 ©

Graphic Hub REST

The Graphic Hub REST is a web-service for Graphic Hub. It is an interface to retrieve and send data to and from Graphic Hub via HTTP requests. The Graphic Hub REST configuration page is loaded automatically after installation:


Tip: The configuration page can be opened manually by navigating a browser to

Select the Graphic Hub the REST service should connect to from the drop-down list, and click Apply. This opens an authentication window:

In the GH username and GH password fields, enter a user name and password for the Graphic Hub, then click OK.

Tip: User names and passwords are case sensitive.

A popup window appears, informing about the successful configuration of the Graphic Hub REST service:

Click OK. This opens the REST status page:

The GH REST Configuration Settings and Web Server Configuration Settings is accessible from this page. However, the default settings can in most cases be left unchanged.

The following topics are covered in this section: