Graphic Hub Administrator Guide

Version 3.8 | Published February 06, 2023 ©

Pilot Data High Availability Cluster Solution (Main/Replication)

As with previous Graphic Hub versions, each modifying statement in a cluster environment is replicated towards the Replication server to guarantee real-time redundancy. This means that all items, including the Pilot data on the main instance, are replicated to a second Graphic Hub instance in real-time. In case of a fail-over situation, all connected clients on the main instance are automatically redirected to the replication server. As soon as the main server resumes operation, all items created or modified in the meantime are automatically transferred from the replication server to the main server.

To check if main and replication are in sync, connect to both Graphic Hubs as an administrator user using the Graphic Hub Manager, then proceed to check for Pilot Server Differences.