Graphic Hub Administrator Guide

Version 3.8 | Published February 06, 2023 ©

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question: Can a Graphic Hub Deploy Agent deploy outside local network boundaries, for example, different subnets and gateways?

    • Answer: Yes. Log Graphic Hub Manager on with the IP address instead of the host name. Then schedule a deploy task.

  • Question: Can a replication cluster work outside local network boundaries, if the main and replication servers are not in the same local network?

    • Answer: No. Use the Deploy Agent instead.

  • Question: Can I share a single data directory over multiple servers?

    • Answer: No.

  • Question: Can deleting or creating files within a data directory solve problems?

    • Answer: No.

  • Question: Can I do a backup of the data directory while the server is still running?

    • Answer: No. The server must be shut down before copying the data directory.

  • Question: Can a localhost database be accessed from another machine?

    • Answer: From Viz Artist, no. A single-user database is only available on the machine it runs on.

  • Question: Do all Graphic Hub Naming Services on the network contain information about all servers? Why is there a need for more than one Naming Service on the network?

    • Answer: A Graphic Hub Naming Service only contains information about the servers that have been applied to it. Before a Graphic Hub Server is started, a Graphic Hub Naming Service must be applied to it. Either a local Naming Service that is started together with the server can be applied, or another available Naming Service in the network is applied. A server cannot be started without connecting to a running Naming Service.

  • Question: Can I terminate the VizDb.exe process?

    • Answer: No, never. Only use Graphic Hub Terminal or Graphic Hub Manager to shut down a server.

  • Question: Can I shut down Windows while VizDb.exe is still running?

    • Answer: No. Use Graphic Hub Terminal or Graphic Hub Manager to shut down a server before exiting Windows.

  • Question: Why is the content of the selected folder not listed in the Graphic Hub Manager’s File panel?

    • Answer: First, make sure that the selected folder contains files. Next, make sure that All or the correct file type is selected from the Show drop-down list in the Toolbar.

  • Question: For an antivirus definition, we need the list of all file extensions used by Viz Graphic Hub.

    • Answer: List of file extensions for Graphic Hub data directories: