Viz Artist User Guide

Version 3.13 | Published March 28, 2019 ©

Working with Substances


This section details how to work with the Substance Shader.

Substances are usually created in Adobe Substance 3D Designer and imported to be used within Viz Engine.

Substances use two different file extensions, .sbs and .sbsar:

  • .sbs files are editable substance source files. Use Substance Designer with these files.

  • .sbsar files are performance optimized, published substances. You can import these files to Viz Artist. You cannot edit these files. To create a .sbsar file, first create a Shader with Substance Designer, and then publish this shader.

After importing a substance to Viz Artist, they can be used within the Substance Shader. Drag and drop the substance shader (Built Ins/Shader/Texture) onto a geometry. Then locate your imported substance assets in Viz Graphic Hub and drag it onto the Substance Field.

For details about the various options, please refer to the Plugin Description.

Tip: The import and use of Substances in Viz requires a separate license. You obtain this license from your local Vizrt representative.