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Version 3.13 | Published March 28, 2019 ©

Text FX Explode

The Text FX Explode plug-in creates an explosion like function where the characters get thrown away from their initial position. The speed, direction and spread of the moving characters can be altered with parameters.

Note: Works only if the text is set to texture (does not work with geometry text).

Note: This plug-in is located in: Built Ins -> Container plug-ins -> TextFX

Text FX Explode Properties


  • Duration: Defines the duration of the progressing for each of the characters. If you want a longer progressing, increase this value. You could achieve the same by making the gravity stronger and animating the progress slower, but it is more easy to increase the duration instead if your explode effect is too short.

  • Opening Angle: Sets the angle for the spread of the characters. 0 sends them straight up, 360 spreads them in a circular shape.

  • Angle Rotate X: Rotates the opening angle around the X-axis.

  • Angle Rotate Y: Rotates the opening angle around the Y-axis.

  • Force: Sets the force that throws away the characters. A high force makes them go far away, conversely a low force creates only a small motion of the characters.

  • Force Spread %: Sets a variation of the force among the characters.

  • Use Axis: Allows you to select on which axis or combination of axes the characters are to spread along.

  • Gravity: Sets a gravity force that influence the path of the characters to end up going downwards. The higher the value is set, the faster each character diverts from its initial path and starts going downwards.

  • Use Rotation: Rotates characters as they are being thrown away from their initial position when enabled.

  • Rotation Force: Sets the degree of rotation as the characters are being thrown away.

  • Show Force: Shows lines showing the characters path and speed in the Scene Editor when enabled.

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