Viz Artist User Guide

Version 3.13 | Published March 28, 2019 ©


The Heartbeat plug-in creates a heart beat animation. Includes animation of:

  • Size, along different axes, axis-pairs or all axes

  • Rotation, around three main axes

  • Alpha

  • Color

Note: This plug-in is located in: Built Ins -> Container plug-ins -> Tools

Heartbeat Properties


  • Animation Length: Sets the length of the animation. Parameter Name: animLength.

  • Swing: Enables the object to have a swinging action (back and forth). Parameter Name: swing.

  • Pause: Enables the object to pause before repeating the action. Parameter Name: pause.

    • Pause Length: Sets the length of the pause. Parameter Name: pauseLength.

  • Change Size: Enables the change size parameters for changing the vector(s), initial and final weight of the object’s animation. Parameter Name: changeSize.

    • X, Y, Z, XY, XZ, YZ, XYZ: Sets animation vector(s). Parameter Name: changeVector.

    • Initial Weight: Sets the initial weight of the object. The higher the value, the slower the animation at first. Parameter Name: initialWeight.

    • Final Weight: Sets the final weight of the object. See also Initial Weight. Parameter Name: finalWeight.

  • Change Rotation: Enables the rotation parameters changing the rotation axes, initial and final angles. Parameter Name: changeRotation.

    • X, Y, Z: Rotates the object on the X, Y or Z axis. Parameter Name: rotAxes.

    • Initial Angle: Sets the initial angle of the object. Parameter Name: initialAngle.

    • Final Angle: Sets the final angle of the object. Parameter Name: finalAngle.

  • Change Alpha: Enables the alpha parameters changing the initial and final alpha values. Parameter Name: changeAlpha.

    • Initial Alpha: Sets the initial alpha value. Parameter Name: initialAlpha.

    • Final Alpha: Sets the final alpha value. Parameter Name: finalAlpha.

  • Change Color: Enables the color parameters changing the color of the object. Parameter Name: changeColor.

    • Source Color: Sets the source color. Parameter Name: sourceColor.

    • Target Color: Sets the target color. Parameter Name: targetColor.