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Control Field Renamer


The Field Renamer plug-in allows for renaming the field identifier of multiple control plug-ins in a single operation.

Note: This plug-in is located in: Built Ins -> Container plug-ins -> Control

Control Field Renamer Properties


  • Begin from ID: Enter the numeric value of the first ID in the renaming range.

  • End at ID: Enter the numeric value of the last ID in the renaming range.

    • Follow Changes: Changes the Begin and End IDs if set to On.

  • Padding: Sets the zero padding for the desired output. Zero padding adds one or more prefixing zeros if the ID consists of fewer digits than specified.

    Example: If Padding is set to 4, the ID ‘14’ is changed to 0014, and the ID ‘103’ is changed to 0103.

  • Method: Choose the renaming method:


    • Set: In the field Set lowest ID to, enter the desired value to change all IDs in the specified range by the same value

    • Shift: Shifts all the IDs in the specified range by the provided amount

  • Execute: Click the Execute button to execute the rename process.

To Rename Control Fields

  1. Drag the Field Renamer plug-in onto a container. When executing the renaming process, all control plug-ins in that container and all of its child containers are affected.

    Tip: To rename all field identifiers of an entire scene, place all containers in the scene inside a parent container and add the Control Field Renamer plug-in to that parent container.

  2. Set the range of IDs to be changed in Begin from ID and End at ID.

    Note: If the Follow Changes option is set to on, the above two range fields are also changed.

  3. Use Padding to set the length for zero padding. Set to zero for no padding.

  4. Choose the renaming Method.

  5. Click Execute to execute renaming.

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