Viz Artist User Guide

Version 3.13 | Published March 28, 2019 ©

EVSControl plug-in

The EVSControl plug-in allows an EVS video server to be controlled from the Viz Engine (like a tape deck over RS422). This gives the ability to load and control playback of EVS video server clips.

Note: This plug-in is located in: Built Ins -> Scene plug-ins -> Libero

This page contains the following topics and procedures:

EVSControl Properties

Various EVSControl plug-in settings can be modified in Viz Artist from Scene plug-in pane:


Note: Do not change OUT parameters manually or using a script.

  • Debug: Enables/disables extended debug output on the console.

  • Serial Port (COMx): Sets the serial port to be used for controlling the EVS.

  • Initialize: Initializes the Controller. Without initialization, the plug-in does not work.

  • EVS Clip ID: The ID of the EVS clip to be loaded. The value must match the format “PBCK/MM” where:

    • P = Page number (1-9)

    • B = Bank number (1-9)

    • C = Clip number (1-9)

    • K = Camera letter (A-F)

    • MM = EVS Machine number (00, 01, etc.), where 00 is the local EVS.

  • Load Clip: Loads the clip shown in the “EVS Clip ID” field.

  • Clip loaded: Shows when the Load Clip was clicked to confirm the clip was loaded.

  • Clip IN: Sets the IN time code of the successfully loaded clip (Format hh:mm:ss:ff).

  • Clip OUT: Sets the OUT time code of the successfully loaded clip (Format hh:mm:ss:ff).

  • Clip Duration: Sets the duration of the successfully loaded clip in milliseconds.

  • Stop: Stops play back.

  • Play: Starts play back.

  • TC Hour: Sets the time code hour value for the “Goto TC” action.

  • TC Minute: Sets the time code minute value for the “Goto TC” action.

  • TC Second: Sets the time code second value for the “Goto TC” action.

  • TC Field: Sets the time code frame value for the “Goto TC” action.

  • Goto TC: Moves to the time code shown by the above fields.

  • Get TC: Gets the current timecode.

  • Current TC: Retrieves the value of the “Get TC” action.

Clip Loaded Successfully

If a clip has been loaded successfully, the EVSControl plug-in editor shows:

  • The ‘Clip loaded (out)’ flag is set.

  • The ‘Clip IN (out)’ shows the Clip IN timecode.

  • The ‘Clip OUT (out)’ shows the Clip OUT timecode.

  • The ‘Clip Duration (out)’ shows the Clip length in milliseconds.

  • EVS goes to IN timecode of clip.

To Go to a Specific Time Code

  1. Enter the hour, minute, second, and frame in the fields:

    • TC Hour

    • TC Minute

    • TC Second

    • TC Field

  2. Click on the Goto TC button

To Get the Current Time Code

  1. Click on the Get TC button

  2. The current Time Code is shown in the Current TC field.

Example Scenes

The plug-in comes with two example scenes:

  • One shows a slider to scrub a clip.

  • The other shows scanning for clips and creating clip buttons for playback control.