Viz Artist User Guide

Version 3.13 | Published March 28, 2019 ©

Time-line Editor

The Time-line editor is located above the Scene Editor. It gives various options to control animations.


  • images/download/attachments/41804247/animation_layerindicator.png Layer Indicator: Shows the current layer, as one of three vertical indicators, in the Director Control Panel. The three layers are Front, Main and Back.

  • images/download/attachments/41804247/animation_timelinedirector.png Director: Defines the selected (active) Director and opens the Director Control Panel.

    Note: The settings in the Director Control Panel are not saved with the scene. If only one Director is selected, the button is labelled with the Director name. If multiple directors are selected, the button is labelled User Defined. If all directors are selected, the button is labelled All.

  • images/download/attachments/41804247/animation_timelinelock.png Lock Selection: Activates the Director(s) of the selected container in the scene tree to be active in the stage when enabled. When disabled, locks the selected Director(s) so that no matter where else you click in the scene tree, only the selected Director is controlled by the buttons in the Time-line Editor.

  • images/download/attachments/41804247/animation_timeline_reverse.png Reverse: Plays the animation in reverse when enabled.

  • images/download/attachments/41804247/animation_timeline_first.png Go to Start: Jumps the time-line to the start of the current Director(s).

  • images/download/attachments/41804247/animation_timeline_play.png Start Animation: Plays the current Director(s) in the current layer from the beginning.

  • images/download/attachments/41804247/animation_timeline_stop.png Stop Animation: Stops the currently playing animation at the current point in the time-line. Right-clicking stops the currently selected Director or directors.

    Note: The animation is automatically stopped when it reaches the end of the time-line, or a stop point along the time-line.

  • images/download/attachments/41804247/animation_timeline_cont.png Continue Animation: Continues the animation from where it was stopped.

  • images/download/attachments/41804247/animation_timeline_last.png Go to End: Jumps to the end of the animation.

  • images/download/attachments/41804247/animation_timeline_keyframe_prev.png Key Frame Previous: Jumps to the previous Key Frame of the selected container in the scene tree.

  • images/download/attachments/41804247/animation_stage_timeline_input1.png Time-line: Shows the current position on the time-line in fields of the input box .

  • images/download/attachments/41804247/animation_timeline_jumptonext.png Jump to Next Time-line Position: Jumps to the next position in the Time-line.

  • images/download/attachments/41804247/animation_timeline_keyframe_next.png Key Frame Next: Jumps to the next Key Frame of the selected container in the scene tree.

  • images/download/attachments/41804247/animation_timeline_setkey.png Set Key: Creates a Key Frame at the defined time-line.

  • images/download/attachments/41804247/animation_timeline_setkeylock.png Lock Time-line Position: Jumps the time-line automatically after a Set Key operation by the defined Increment Value (see below) when activated. When deactivated, the time-line does not jump after a Set Key operation.

  • images/download/attachments/41804247/animation_stage_timeline_input2.png Increment Value: Defines the step value (in fields from the input) box to be incremented when creating a Key Frame.