Viz Artist User Guide

Version 3.13 | Published March 28, 2019 ©

Plug-in Event and Notification System

All the MultiTouch (Mt) plug-ins share a common event notification module and associated configuration interface. For all plug-ins that generate events, events are dispatched up the Container hierarchy from the plug-in Container to the first script found with a handler present for the event being generated.

For plug-ins that optional update values in Shared Memory, select which one of the three maps to update:

  • System

  • Scene

  • Distributed
    Each shared memory area updated by a plug-in is composed of one root variable specified in the ‘Shared Memory Prefix’ field in the plug-ins user interface. This ‘root’ variable is updated if any of its additional sub-fields are updated. The root variable contains an integer or update ID. Sub-fields are identified by adding ‘dot delimited’ suffix on the root name. For example, if ‘Shared Memory Prefix’ is set to ‘Name’, the sub-field ‘field’ would be identified as ‘Name.field’ in a Viz script.

For all plug-ins that can set a Data Pool variable, each has a ‘structure’ defined in a .dp file. There is one such file for each plug-in. Both the file and the name of the structure defined by it are the same as the name of the plug-in. For example, in the case of an MtButton, the file is MtButton.dp and the name of the structure for sub-item access is MtButton.