Viz Artist User Guide

Version 3.13 | Published March 28, 2019 ©

HDR (High Dynamic Range) Panel

Enables High Dynamic Range Rendering/Imaging for the selected container. This improves the contrast of the generated scene in a much more realistic way.

HDR Properties


  • High Dynamic Range (Active/Inactive): Enables HDR lighting instead of the default OpenGL lighting on Containers tagged for HDR lighting. To tag Containers for HDR lighting, the HDR plug-in must be placed in a Container to enable HDR lighting on the respective container and its sub-tree.

  • Diffuse Map: Defines the diffuse light map. This is a HDR Cube map (must be a vertical cross and should have been imported from an EXR file).

  • Reflection Map: Defines the diffuse light map for the reflection part of the lighting.

  • Rotation: Rotates the environment map with the set parameters.

    Note: Diffuse map and reflection map together form the ‘environment map’.

  • Exposition: Controls the brightness of the maps (similar to the exposure time of an ordinary camera).

  • Background (Active/Inactive): Draws the Reflection map as background.

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