Viz Artist User Guide

Version 3.13 | Published March 28, 2019 ©

Manipulate Container Properties

Container properties are items and plug-ins which have been applied to a Container. There are a few operations that apply to all Container properties.

This section contains information on the following procedures:

To Replace a Property Applied to a Container

Drag the new item or plug-in to the Container.

To Remove a Property from a Container

  • Drag the property from the Container to the trash can, or

  • Drag the property from the Container Editor to the trash can, or

  • Right-click the property on the Container in the Scene Tree, and select Delete <Name of the Property>.

    Note: Every Container must contain transformation properties, so the transformation property cannot be removed.

To Save Properties in the Database

If a scene specific property has been created, and it is likely that the property should be reused in another scene, it is possible to save the property in the database. Drag the property from the Container to the required folder/project in the Server Panel.

To Enable/Disable Properties on a Container


Note: item properties are automatically enabled when added to a Container.

This is a practical tool when multiple items are applied to a Container. Click the switch next to the icon which represents the item in the Container Editor.

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