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Create Script-based Plug-ins

Scene Plug-ins and Container Plug-ins can be created, saved and used again in other Scenes or Containers. To do this create a plug-in of the created script.

Created Script-based plug-ins are saved as ‘.vsl’ files at <viz data folder>\Scriptplug-ins, and are available in these folders:

  • Container plug-ins > Script Plug-ins

  • Scene plug-ins > Script plug-ins


    Script-based plug-ins can be used the same as Scene or Container plug-ins, and allow the additional following operations:

  • Can be deleted: Drag the script to the trash can.

  • The source code of a script-based plug-in can be copied into a script editor. Drag the plug-in from Script Plug-ins folder to the Script Editor.

This section contains the following procedures:

To Create a Script-based Plug-in


  1. Create a script (see To Create a Container Script plug-in).

  2. Click images/download/attachments/41804855/gettingstarted-scripting_compile_icon.png .

    Note: If the script is bad a Script plug-in can not be created. Correct any bad script first.

  3. Go to Built Ins>Container plug-ins > Scriptplug-ins.

  4. Drag and drop the Script icon to the Scriptplug-ins folder.

  5. Enter a name for the Script plug-in.

  6. Click OK.

To Edit a Script-based Plug-in

  1. Add a Container to the Scene Tree.

  2. Add a Script plug-in.

  3. Open the Script Editor(Scene Settings > Script).

  4. Drag and drop the required script plug-in from the Scriptplug-ins folder to the Script Editor.

  5. Click Replace.

  6. Edit the script as required.

  7. Click the Compile & Run to save.

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