Viz Artist User Guide

Version 3.13 | Published March 28, 2019 ©

Control 3D Stereoscopic Clip Playback

To playback 3D Stereo Clips, Viz Engine must be started with the -3D parameter. This sets Viz Engine in a mode where a side by side clip is split and played out on channel A and B on the Matrox board.

Note: This is for clips only.

The playback on each output channel can be controlled with several shared memory variables. Each channel has its own set of variables indicated by the A and B in the names. The meaning of each of them is the same for both output channels.

  • HScale / VScale: Scales the output image relative to the image anchor (see XAnchor and YAnchor) in the respective direction.

  • HSort / VSoft: Applies softness to the scaled region of the source image only, and is defined as the percentage of pixels to be softened from the border to the center.

  • XTrans / YTrans: Translates the output image in the respective direction.

  • XAnchor / YAnchor: Defines the position of the anchor on the input image. The axis center equals the center of the input image.

  • Sharpness: Sets the amount of additional sharpness to apply to the output image.

To control the behavior of clip playback, the following shared memory variables exist:

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