Viz Artist User Guide

Version 3.13 | Published March 28, 2019 ©

Keying Best Practices

This section contains information on some best practices when Keying.

  • Take advantage of the self-configuration: Before you start to play with the different parameters, let the system configure by itself. Select a section of the image, which contains in best case all color tones, you want to key. If you have no foreground objects, you can set the whole input video as section for the self-configuration.

  • Modify the keying color: Put your real foreground objects into the Scene. Mostly your objects still have a blue edge after the self-configuration. To eliminate it, increase the Outer and Inner UV-Radius. When increasing the Inner UV-Radius have a look at opaque foreground objects in the video. It is perfectly configured if it cuts off also a little bit of the object. Have a look at tiny things, like hair or transparent objects and modify the Outer UV-Radius to get a smooth fade out at the edges of these objects.

  • Desaturate the blue/green edges: Up till now you have probably had tiny edges around people or objects which are close to the background color. If you enable color correction by setting it to blue or green, the color is replaced.

  • Add highlights and shadows: By modifying the add highlights and add shadows, borders of objects show, that you have keyed before by setting the inner and outer radius.

  • Play around with it: You can either try to improve the keyer by increasing or decreasing the values, or you just play around with it.