Viz Artist User Guide

Version 3.13 | Published March 28, 2019 ©


Use this plug-in for sharpening the given images on objects.

The samples above depict the same image with Quality set to High, and Scale values at 0.0, 100.0, 200.0 and 300.0, respectively. Range is set to 25.0 (default). The first image is the original (reference) with Scale set to 0.0.

Note: This plug-in is located in: Built Ins -> Shader -> Filter

Sharpen Properties


  • Quality: Sets the quality of the sharpen filter. Low is more pixelated, whereas high is smooth. Available options are Low, Normal and High.

  • Range: Includes more more pixels in the operation when the value is increased.

  • Scale: Sharpens the image when the value is increased.