Viz Artist User Guide

Version 3.13 | Published March 28, 2019 ©


The Parliament plug-in is specially developed for creating visualizations of parliament seats in graphics designed for election programs, but it can of course be used in other ways. The plug-in creates a “parliament like” seating structure using an object of your selection.

Note: This plug-in is located in: Built Ins -> Container plug-ins -> Tools

This page contains the following topics and procedures:

Parliament Properties


  • Number of items: Allows you to set the number of seats to be created in the parliament structure.

  • Number of Rows: Allows you to decide how many rows the parliament seats should be distributed over.

  • Scale: Sets the Scaling (locked) of the generated Sub-Containers. Default is 1.0.

  • Rebuild Geometry: After having made changes to either Number of items or Number of rows, you must click on this button to apply the changes.

  • Inner Radius: Sets the inner radius of the parliament.

  • Outer Radius: Sets the outer radius.

  • Start Angle: Sets the starting angle which by default is -90° from the Y-axis.

  • End Angle: Sets the ending angle, default 90°.

To Create a Parliament Shape


  1. Add a group to the scene tree, add material, rotate and set parameters (except Position and Scaling).

  2. Add the Parliament plug-in to the container, and click the Initialize button. By default, the seating is created with 40 seats in three rows. The plug-in then by default creates 40 Sub-Containers that are copies of the core-object. All the newly created Sub-Containers have the same properties as the source object, except from Position and Scaling (if set). Position is set by the plug-in to create the parliament structure.

  3. Open the transformation editor for the first Sub-Container and set Scaling (locked) to 0.2.

  4. Still having the transformation editor open for the first Sub-Container, select all other Sub-Containers and drag and drop the Scaling property onto on of the selected Sub-Containers. This sets the same Scaling parameters for all selected Sub-Containers.

Note: If the object you used for creating the seats contains many polygons, the total product of the parliament container can quickly be too heavy to render.