Viz Artist User Guide

Version 3.13 | Published March 28, 2019 ©



The Graffiti Texture plug-in gives the ability to draw freehand on top of containers with the Globe plug-in. The freehand draw is created with a brush shape, used with a mouse. The plug-in can also recognize some rendered shapes, such as circles, ellipses, crosses, and arrows, and replaces the hand-drawn item with the recognized shape.

The plug-in can either work in combination with Viz Engine’s multi-texturing technology or can add a standalone texture.

Note: This plug-in is located in: Built Ins -> Container plug-ins -> Texture

GeoGraffiti Properties


  • Active: Enables/disables drawing.

  • Texture Width: Sets dimensions of the texture used for drawing canvas.

  • Brush Type: Color or eraser brush

  • Brush Type: Selects color or eraser brush.

  • Brush Image: Determines the shape of the brush using an image. If empty, a round brush is used.

  • Brush Width: Sets the width of the brush in pixels. Visible only if the color brush is selected.

  • Eraser Brush Width: Sets the width of the eraser in pixels. Visible only if the eraser brush is selected.

  • Brush Color: Selects the color of the brush.

  • Recognize Shapes: Toggles shape recognition mode on or off.

    • Recognize Ellipse: Specifies whether shape recognition tries to recognize ellipse shape.

    • Recognize Circle: Specifies whether shape recognition tries to recognize circle shape.

    • Recognize Cross: Specifies whether shape recognition tries to recognize cross shape.

    • Shape Delay: Determines the number of frames to wait from mouse up before trying to recognize shapes.

    • Draw Arrow: Specifies whether non-recognizable shapes are converted to an arrow.

    • Arrow Length: Sets the length of an arrow head.

    • Arrow Width: Sets the width of an arrow head.

    • Circle Rad: Determines the radius of the circle replacing a recognized circle. If zero, the radius of the recognized circle is used.

    • Cross Width: Determines the width of the cross replacing the recognized cross shape. If zero, the width of the recognized cross shape is used.

  • Enable Undo After Clear: Enables undo after the Clear button has been used.

  • Clear (button): Clears the canvas.

  • Undo (button): Undoes an action.

  • Redo (button): Redoes an action.