Viz Artist User Guide

Version 3.13 | Published March 28, 2019 ©


Use this plug-in to simply create an open or closed ring with some attributes.

Note: This plug-in is located in: Built Ins -> Geom plug-ins -> Default

Ring Properties


  • Use LOD: Enables/disables dynamic level of detail.

  • Corners: Sets the number of corners on the ring.

  • Inner Radius: Sets the size of the inner radius.

  • Outer Radius: Sets the size of the outer radius.

  • Rotation: Rotates the ring like a “turning wheel”. This is typically used in combination with an open angle, to place the angle at the required point.

  • Angle: Defines an open angle on the ring.

  • Mode: Changes the object view coordinate. Available options are XY, XZ and YZ.

To Create a Ring


  1. Create a new group and add the Ring plug-in to it.

  2. Add a material and/or a texture to the group.

  3. Open the Ring plug-in editor and animate the Angle.

    • Set Angle to 0.0 (60/50 fps).

    • Set Angle to 360.0 (120/100 fps).