Viz Artist User Guide

Version 3.13 | Published March 28, 2019 ©

Control Action Table

The Control Action Table plug-in allows defining a table of actions similar to Control Action. The actions are associated with a given value. When Control Action Table receives input, it compares the received data to each of the values. If the data matches one of the values the plug-in starts the corresponding action.

Note: This plug-in is located in: Built Ins -> Container plug-ins -> Control

Control Action Table Properties


  • Input Value: Specifies the value input to compare against.

  • Notify Only When Value Change: Triggers a command when a value is changed.

  • Value 1/2: The value that the given action should be associated with.

  • Action 1/2: Actions to execute if value match.

  • Default Action: Executes if the input does not match any of the specified values.

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