Viz Artist User Guide

Version 3.13 | Published March 28, 2019 ©

On Air Mode

The On Air interface can vary, depending on the software and hardware configuration used. In Viz Artist, designers can click the On Air button on the main menu to switch Viz Artist from a modeling tool to a render engine. The application then waits for control commands. However, scene animations can also be rendered by the use of Control Buttons (top-left corner).

The top left of the On Air screen shows a set of Control Buttons, and the Director Control Panel and Performance Editor buttons. All License Information is shown at the top right of the screen. Depending on the software and hardware settings, additional buttons and information is available. For example in design mode, the scene shows in an output window (lower right). All script events that are added to a scene or to single containers are executed in On Air mode. To learn more about scripting see Scripting and Program Examples.

Tip: To prevent unexpected data loss when switching to On Air mode, Viz Artist automatically creates a backup of the current On Air scene with the extension _onair_backup. If for example the scene is called ABC, the created backup is called ABC_onair_backup.

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