Viz Artist User Guide

Version 5.0 | Published December 20, 2022 ©

Working with Audio

This section contains information on the following procedures:

To Add an Audio Clip to a Scene (Context Menu)

  1. Select the target Container.

  2. Go to Plugins and find the Audio plug-in.

  3. Right click the plug-in and select Add to Contianer. The Audio plug-in is added to the selected Container.

  4. The audio needs to be added as animation into the stage, Click on the Stage Button.

  5. Create a new Director or choose an existing Director.

  6. Drag the container to the Director.

  7. Right click on this channel and select Audio > Clip.

  8. There are two ways to add an Audio Clip:

    1. DB Clip: Select and drag an Audio Clip from the Asset view panel to the Clip drop box (2).

    2. File: In the Clip line (3), click the images/download/attachments/81485785/me_elip.png icon to select an Audio clip to use.


To Import or Export an Audio Clip

For information about how to import or export an audio clip from a hard disk or a network share to the database see Import and Archive.