Viz Artist User Guide

Version 5.0 | Published December 20, 2022 ©

Getting Started

This section describes the location of the installation files, how to start Viz Artist and logging on to a Graphic Hub, and how to close Viz Artist.

This section contains information on the following topics:

General Concepts of Viz Artist

The User Interface of Viz Artist has been designed to achieve the best experience while creating and designing stunning graphics. A modern dark themed User Interface helps you to focus on your work while offering a flexible docking system to customize your workspace.

Working in Viz Artist is based on Drag and Drop concept, almost every item can be dragged to different locations, for example to the trash bin to delete items.

Active Items are marked with a blue border and a darker background:


Items which are not available, for example not supported in the current render pipeline are greyed out and can not be used.


Reset and Undo/Redo

Any action be be reverted and redone by using the Undo and Redo Buttons on the bottom of the Scene Tree dock.


Any value that differs from its default setting is marked with a blue label . To revert back to the default value, double click on this blue label. This also works on group of parameters


The value of 141.0 of the X position is set to the default value of 0.0 by double clicking on the blue X. By clicking on Position, all three values of X, Y and Z are reset to their default values.


Values used in different formats, mainly used for adaptive scene designs are marked with an underline:


Drag and Drop

Items can be assigned by dragging them from various pools (e.g. plugins) to their respective destinations.


The position property can be taken and dragged to another container. This means that all X, Y and Z position properties of the source container are applied to the target container.

When dragging a property to the Control Channels panel, this property can be access from control applications

Some icons like images, containers can be deleted by dragging them to trash bin: images/download/thumbnails/95405420/image2022-7-13_15-13-21.png

To Change Values

Values can be changed in various ways. They can be entered manually and you can even perform calculations in there:

The mouse can be used to drag values. There are some modifiers to change the precision of your value:


Key and/or Mouse

Increase/Decrease very large steps (100)

Hold left mouse button and move

Increase/Decrease large steps (10)

Hold left mouse button and move

Increase/Decrease normal steps (1)

Hold left mouse button and move

Increase/Decrease small steps (0.1)

Hold left mouse button and move

Increase/Decrease very small steps (0.01)

Hold left mouse button and move