Viz Artist User Guide

Version 5.0 | Published December 20, 2022 ©

Control Buttons

This section contains information on the Controls Buttons, which include the Play and the On Air buttons.


Animation Controls

  • images/download/thumbnails/95395973/v4_oam_clapper.png Clapper Board: Shows or hides the Director Control Panel window.

  • images/download/thumbnails/95395973/v4_oam_to_start.png Back: Jumps to the beginning of the animation in the scene.

  • images/download/thumbnails/95395973/v4_oam_play.png Play: Starts the animation of the scene.

  • images/download/thumbnails/95395973/v4_oam_stop.png Stop: Stops the animation of the scene.

  • images/download/thumbnails/95395973/v4_oam_forward.png Continue: Continues the animation after it stopped at a stop point.

Preview Controls

Shows or hides the VGA Preview window (only available on machines with video cards). The keyboard shortcut for activating or deactivating this window is SHIFT + BACKSPACE. The state of the VGA Preview window depends on how the Render preview default setting in the Video Output section of Viz Config is configured:

  • images/download/thumbnails/95395973/ShowPreview.png Show Preview: Switches the preview render window on/off.

  • images/download/thumbnails/95395973/FullScreenPreview.png Full-Screen Preview: Uses a full-screen window for preview.

  • images/download/thumbnails/95395973/PreviewOutput.png Full-Screen Output: Switches the display to use for full-screen previews.

Note: Preview is always enabled on Viz Artist machines without a video card.


  • images/download/thumbnails/95395973/image2022-9-15_10-18-28.png Unreal Engine Controls: Shows or hides the Unreal Control Buttons.

  • images/download/thumbnails/95395973/v4_oam_clock.png Performance Editor: Shows or hides the Performance Editor.

  • images/download/thumbnails/95395973/v4_oam_sysinfo.png System Information: Shows or hides the On Air Information window.