Viz Artist User Guide

Version 5.0 | Published December 20, 2022 ©


A snapshot can be taken of the current content in the Scene Editor.

When clicking the Snap images/download/thumbnails/76785108/v4_wb_snapb.png button, the Server Panel is automatically selected from the main menu, and the database content shows. The image is placed in the folder/project that was last visited.


To Take a Snapshot

  1. Click the Snap images/download/thumbnails/76785108/v4_wb_snapb.png button.

  2. In the Snapshot dialog box that shows, enter the name to save the snapshot as.

  3. Select the size and format for the image.

  4. Click OK to save the image to the database.

Note: An RGBA image uses the key information as alpha.

Note: To save the image in another folder/project: First select the destination you want to use, then click the Snap images/download/thumbnails/76785108/v4_wb_snapb.png button again.

Taking snapshot from a running video is allowed. The procedure above is interactive. If required, you can alternatively instruct Viz to take a snapshot using the commands below. The examples below, calling renderer directly, assumes the Engine is in On Air mode:

RENDERER*VIDEO*SNAPSHOT CREATE file:///c:/images/snapshot.png
RENDERER*VIDEO*SNAPSHOT CREATE vizgh:///my/images/snapshot
RENDERER*VIDEO*SNAPSHOT CREATE vizgh:///{159FC7E7-B724-4CC3-B474B7EE46CDA043}/snapshot
  • Example 1 writes a .png image to disk. The .png file format is particularly useful when working with RGBA images or four channel data in general.

  • Example 2 saves the snapshot to the Graphic Hub (GH) using a path.

  • Example 3 saves the snapshot to the GH using a GH ID (unique identifier, the UUID must already exist).

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