Viz Artist User Guide

Version 5.0 | Published December 20, 2022 ©

Control Objects

The Control Objects panel is used to show the control parameters for control applications like Viz Trio or Viz Pilot only.


Control Object Parameters

  • Main: Displays the main control fields of the Control Object when set to On. Displays all fields when set to Off.

  • Unique: Enables view of only the original field if there is more than one field with the same identifier. Click again to disable view all fields, including field duplicates with the same name. This allows the designer to easily select the respective containers in the scene. By default, Viz Artist displays all fields in the scene.

  • Control Objects: The Container which contains the control Object.

  • Fields: A unique identifier of this property. This is shown in the control applications. The following characters are allowed to guarantee compatibility with other control applications:

    • - , _ , .

    • 0 - 9

    • a - z

    • A - Z

  • Description: Enter a description in the plug-in Properties panel.

  • Value: The editable plug-in value. This value is then overwritten by the operator in the control room.

  • Type: The type of Control Object.

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