Viz Artist User Guide

Version 5.0 | Published December 20, 2022 ©


Like GFX channels, you can attach a scene directly into your scene tree and its scene tree is automatically traversed and rendered like it is part of the main scene. Subscenes are integrated as part of the scene tree, similar to merged geometries, whereas GFX Channels or Viewport Tiles are rendered as flat 2D objects.

Scene as GFX Channel

Scene in Scene


Rendered as flat 2D texture.


Rendered as part of the scene.

The attached scene inherits all global settings from the main scene, only its scene tree is merged into the main scene. The scene is loaded using the instancing mechanism described at GFX channels, so there is a separate instance of the subscene for each container where it is set to.

Subscenes can replace merged geometries used in Transition Logic scene. The Toggle plug-in automatically loads the scene as subscene if supported, otherwise the merged geometry is used.

Tip: The old behavior can be enforced by using TransitionLogicUseMergedGeometries = 1. This is only needed in some rare cases to keep compatibility with scenes that used for instance Scripting within the Transition Logic Tree structure.

To Add a Subscene

Create new container, click on the Plus (+) icon and select Subscene.


images/download/thumbnails/105087367/image2021-6-21_15-50-19.png This adds a subscene icon to your container. Drag a scene into the placeholder of the Subscene Widget.


The scene is now rendered as part of the Master Scene. The Animation has been added to the stage.

To Remove a Subscene

Drag the Subscene to the trash bin.

To Select a Container of Subscene

By default, the whole scene tree of the subscene is merged into the main scene. However, you can also specify a specific container which should be merged into the main scene:

' select container by level
' select container by name
MAIN_SCENE*TREE*/1*SUBSCENE SET <uuid> $ContainerName
' select container by property, search for container with ControlObject and use it as root for the subscene handling

Known Limitations

  • Global Illumination is not supported in subscenes.