Viz Mosart Administrator Guide

Version 4.1 | Published November 09, 2022 ©

Viz Mosart Template Database

With the Viz Mosart Template Database (TDB), template information can be shared among the following clients:

  • Between galleries automated with Viz Mosart (where templates are shared across galleries and Mosart servers).

  • Between a Mosart main and backup server, in a redundancy setup.

  • To NRCS clients using Mosart ActiveX.

  • To NRCS clients using custom ActiveX.

The following Template Database topics are covered:


  • The template database is stored in a MySQL relational database (or a valid MySQL equivalent such as MariaDb).

  • The database may be installed separately for the Mosart servers or as a part (schema) of an in-house or cloud database, or even be virtualized.

  • The only main requirement that the database must be MySQL compliant.

Template Properties

A Mosart template as stored in the template database has the following properties:




The Mosart gallery naming where this template is implemented, and 'owner' of the templates.

Global Template Set Naming

A special global gallery is used for TDB templates that are shared, replicated and available between all galleries.

This dedicated virtual gallery name for a global template set is by default named “SHARED”.

Template set

The Mosart template set which the template belongs to. Can be shared or local

Local Template Characteristics

A local template is gallery-specific meaning it is 'owned' by the corresponding gallery and is independent and not visible to any all other galleries.


The special Mosart template set Directtakes must be defined as a shared template set.

Template type

The Mosart template type. I.e. like CAMERA, CLIP, DVE, …

Template variant

The Mosart template variant. I.e. like which camera (CAMERA+3)

Template description

Common attributes for the template which is shared among all galleries. The template description also contains a list of input fields normally known as newsroomtags.

Template implementation

Gallery specific information which is used to control systems using Mosart automation. This is the main part of the template and has to be implemented in every gallery.

Information Stored in the Template Database

Details from the template database are stored in two Mosart server applications:

  • AvAutomation
    Stores templates and AvConfig.

  • ManusAdministrator
    Stores NRCS aliases as configured in the Newsroom settings dialog.

    No other information in newsroomsettings.xml is stored in the database.

Prerequisites for Connecting to TDB

Before connecting to the template database the first time, make a backup of channeltemplates.xml, AvConfig.xml and newsroomsettings.xml

  • Both AvAutomation and ManusAdministrator extract their information from the database and store the information locally in channeltemplates.xml, AvConfig.xml and newsroomsettings.xml respectively.
    Any existing files are overwritten.

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