Viz Mosart Administrator Guide

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Video Router Configuration Files

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Miranda NVision Configuration File

The integration between Viz Mosart and Miranda NVision video routers supports setting cross points on the router.

  • Viz Mosart will interface directly with the NVISION 5128 Router.

  • Router Control is handled by AV Automaton.

  • Testing can be done using the Viz Mosart TestRouterControl application.

The config file is called VideoRouterMirandaNV9000.xml, located at \\Mosart Medialab\Mosart Server\ConfigurationFiles

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<DeviceConfig name="MirandaNV9000Config">
<!--The amount of time (in ms) to wait before reconnection after unsuccessful connect or lost connection-->
<item name="ReconnectInterval" value="10000"/>
<!--The Take mode parameter to the Take commands. Refer to the NV9000 spec pp. 8-9 for details. The default value is Automatic take mode.-->
<item name="TakeMode" value="0x00000001"/>
<!--Not used-->
<item name="TimeoutSetCrossPoint" value="1000"/>
<!--The User ID. Available in the NV9000 DB. Alternatively the client IP address as a network byte order (big-endian) 32 bit word. E.g., the (hex) IP address FE.DC.BA.98 should be written
<item name="UserID" value="0xFEDCBA98"/>
<!--Whether (True/False) to use the Take Source To Destination command. If False, use the Take Input To Output command instead. Default True.-->
<item name="UseTakeSourceToDestination" value="True"/>

Protocol Details

For details on the NV9000 protocol, refer to the GrassValley product documentation (

File Location

The Miranda Nvision configuration file is located in the program-folder under \Mosart Medialab\Mosart server\ConfigurationFiles\VideoRouterMirandaNV9000.xml.


  • ReconnectInterval: The amount of time (in milliseconds) to wait before reconnection after unsuccessful connect or lost connection. Default: 10000.

  • TakeMode: The Take mode parameter to the Take commands. Default: 0x00000001 (Automatic take mode).

  • UserID: The User ID. This can be fetched from the NV9000 database, or can be created by converting the client IP address to a network byte order (big-endian) 32 bit word. Default: 0xFEDCBA98.
    For example, the (hex) IP address FE.DC.BA.98 should be written 0xFEDCBA98.

  • UseTakeSourceToDestination: This value determines which protocol commands to use for setting a crosspoint:

    • True = 0x0000 3000 Take Source To Destination (default).

    • False = 0x0000 3001 Take Input To Output.


      • To integrate with Miranda NVision video routers, you must also configure it in AV Automation Devices Router.

        • Select the router protocol MIRANDA NV9000.

        • Set the IP address of the router, and the Port number (use 9193).


The config file is called VideoRouterEvertzQuartz.xml, located at \\Mosart Medialab\Mosart Server\ConfigurationFiles