Viz Mosart Administrator Guide

Version 4.1 | Published November 09, 2022 ©

Take Out Logic


For overlay graphics, Viz Mosart supports four different methods to take out any graphics that are currently on air:

  1. Automatic: Timed, where graphics are taken out automatically after a fixed duration, provided in a timecode.

  2. Background End: The graphic is taken out automatically, when the next story item is taken.

  3. Story End: The graphic is taken out automatically when the first story item of the next story is taken

  4. Manual: Open ended, the graphic is taken out manually. Also called a non-auto out.

For the Background end and Story end cases, there is a potential issue if the graphic to be taken out reappears in the next story item. When taking the next story item, the standard behavior of such graphics is:

  1. Take out the graphics due to the end of scope (either Background end or Story end)

  2. (Re)take in the graphics since the graphics is also present in the story item to be taken.

This leads to a visual artifact on air, since the graphics will be take out and retaken within a short time interval.

This is illustrated in the following figure:

Example 1: Background End

Story1 consists of two story items, Item1 and Item2.

  • In Item1 there is an overlay graphics of type BackgroundEnd

  • In Item2 the same graphics is reused. The type is not relevant here.

  • When the user takes Item2 on air, the normal behavior is to take out the graphics (out of Item1) and then (re)take it (also part of Item2)

  • If Take Out Logic is enabled, the graphics will remain on air during the transition from Item1 to Item2

Example 2: Story End

Story2 consists of three story items, Item1, Item2 and Item3 and the next story, Story3 consists of one story item, Item1

  • In Story2.Item2 there is an overlay graphic of type StoryEnd. I.e. this graphic is scheduled to be taken out at the end of the story.

  • In Story3.Item1 the same graphics is reused. The type is not relevant here.

  • When the user takes Story3 on air, normal behavior is to take out the graphics (out of Story2.Item3) and then (re)take it (also part of Story3.Item1)

  • If take out logic is enabled the graphics will stay on air during the transition from Story2 to Story3.

Enabling Take Out Logic

  • Take out logic is enabled via setting Use Take Out Logic in Manus Administrator as shown in the figure below:


Note: Enabling take out logic applies to non-Vizrt graphics only.

Prerequisites for Take Out Logic

For take out logic to work, there must be a unique way of identifying the graphics.

There are two ways to do this:

  1. Use the graphics_id graphics property. The graphics_id property is used by most graphics drivers to do actions on the graphics. Therefore it can normally be used as a unique identifier for the graphics. For most graphics systems used by Viz Mosart, there is a defined way of setting this property when receiving graphics from NRCS.

  2. Use the graphics_category graphics field property. This is a special property for the take out logic. Use this if graphics with different graphics_id shall be treated as the same graphics and handled as part of the take out logic. This normally requires custom field mapping in configuration file newsroomsettings.xml.