Viz Mosart Administrator Guide

Version 4.1 | Published November 09, 2022 ©

MOS Object with Mosart Templates not Grouped by Type

For each Mosart template, a MOS object will be created to be sent to NCS. In this example:

  • <mosExternalMetadata>is the node containing the variant of the Mosart template it represents.

  • <objID> is the format <TemplateSet>-<Type>-<Variant>.

  • <objSlug> has <Type> <Variant>;<Name>.

  • <objGroup> is set to the template set the template belongs to.

  • <type> node has its name set to the type of the template.
    For example CAMERA, PACKAGE etc, and templateset has the name of the template set this template belongs to.

  • Other information is:

    • The list of video crosspoints (“mixerinputs”)

    • Effect numbers (“effects”)

    • Router sources (“routersources”)

    • Router destinations (“routerdestinations”)
      as configured in AvConfig.xml file.

The name of these key lists must be exactly as given in the parentheses, because they can be referenced from a Mosart item when adding newsroomtags to a template.

<objSlug>PACKAGE FULL;name...</objSlug>
<mosAbstract>PACKAGE FULL;description</mosAbstract>
<objAir>NOT READY</objAir>
<type name="PACKAGE" templateset=”Talkshow” category="CLIP">
<variants fieldtype="LIST" value="FULL">
<variant name="FULL">
<transitions value="DEFAULT" enable="false">
<transition name="DEFAULT">
<field name="" value="" fieldtype="TEXT" />
<transition name="MIX">
<field name="transitionrate" value="0" fieldtype="NUMBER"
range="0,999" />
<transition name="WIPE">
<field name="transitionrate" value="" fieldtype="NUMBER"
range="0,999" />
<transition name="EFFECT">
<field name="effectname" value="" fieldtype="LIST"
keylist="effects" />
<field name="clip_hirespath" fieldtype="TEXT" />
<field name="clip_description" fieldtype="TEXT" />
<field name="clip_mark_in" default="00:00:00:00"
fieldtype="TIMECODE" inputmask="hh:mm:ss:ff" />
<field name="clip_dur" default="00:00:00"
fieldtype="TIMECODE" inputmask="mm:ss:ff" />
<keys name="mixerinputs">
<keys name="effects">
<keys name="routersources">
<keys name="routerdestinations">

Newsroomtags for crosspoints and router control inputs

When enabling a Switcher Crosspoint or a Router Control device for the template given above and adding some newsroomtags for crosspoints and for router control inputs, the Mosart item created from the template above could have the following fields and transitions:

<field name="input_preview" value="SAT_10" default="SAT_10" fieldtype="LIST"
keylist="routersources" />
<field name="input_program" value="SAT_10" default="SAT_10" fieldtype="LIST"
keylist="routersources" />
<field name="output_preview" value="M_VISU_2" default="M_VISU_2" fieldtype="LIST"
keylist="routerdestinations" />
<field name="output_program" value="M_VISU_2" default="M_VISU_2" fieldtype="LIST"
keylist="routerdestinations" />
<field name="xpoint" value="CAM2" default="CAM2" fieldtype="LIST" keylist="mixerinputs" />
<transitions value="EFFECT" enable="false" rate="9" next_cue_delay="10">
<transition name="EFFECT">
<field name="effectname" value="9" fieldtype="LIST" keylist="effects" />

Note: The keylists in the Mosart item refers to the keys in the MOS object for a Mosart template.