Viz Mosart Administrator Guide

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Template Properties

This section explains the configurable fields on the General tab of the Template Properties menu, clarifying the function of a Sequence.


Configuration Descriptions




The name of the template. This value will only show in log files. English language is preferred, for making it easier to understand log-files.


The different primary and secondary templates types are described in the Viz Mosart User Guide, section Viz Mosart User Interface under Rundown Window .


The variant is a unique name for the selected type, and should match the value entered in the newsroom system.


Description of the template (optional). English language is recommended, for future maintenance purposes.

Recall Nr (Direct take)

(Applies only for templates in the Directtakes template set). One or more decimal digits. If this direct take template is to be recalled from the GUI using the numeric keypad, a maximum of three digits is allowed. (If more than three digits are used, the template may still be executed using e.g. a control command.) The number must be unique among all direct take templates.

Note: Avoid starting numbers with zero (0). For example, use 56 instead of 056.

Disable in Rehearsal mode

(Applies only for templates in the Directtakes template set). The direct take will not be executed when in Rehearsal Mode

Default TC in

Default TC out

Default NCS variant

This sets the template as the default variant for the selected type.

Send to NCS

When selected, allow this template to show in the NRCS ActiveX.


When selected, enable the preview functionality for the Accessory template. The Accessory template must have time code 00:00 for this to function.
Only valid for Accessory templates.

Take at planned story in-time

If you want a story to start at a specific time of day, you can add a template with this option checked, to a story that has a set "hit time" in the NRCS. The "hit time" must be included in the story data sent to Viz Mosart, and the field-name must be mapped to back_time in Newsroomsettings. See Story External Metadata.

Fixed Duration

Make the template always have the same length (overriding the time from the NCS) in the Viz Mosart rundown. Select this option and enter the time in mm:ss:ff (minutes:seconds:frames). This can also be combined with Autotake to make a frame accurate continue to the next story. Remember to write the whole number each time, you cannot edit a single character at a time.

Story duration

When selected, the duration of the template will be set equal to "story editorial duration", coming from the NRCS. The "story editorial duration" must be included in the story data sent to Viz Mosart, and the field-name must be mapped to story_duration in Newsroomsettings. See Story External Metadata.
If more templates are added to the story, their duration will be in addition to the "Story duration" template, so calculated total duration of templates will be greater than "story editorial duration".

Autotake next

(Available for primary templates only, cf. Type above.) When selected, automatically perform a Take Next (F12) at the end of the template's duration, with an offset as described in Offset below


Set the offset when Autotake is enabled to adjust the Viz Mosart continue action at the end of the event. The value is in frames. A positive value will make the continue action happen later. A negative value will make it happen earlier.

Sub Sequence

See separate explanation below this table.


See separate explanation below this table.


See separate explanation below this table.

Hide from user

When selected, this template is removed from the template list in the Quick Editor.

Use state variants

Please refer to Other Template Functionality for explanation of state variants.

Control Commands (tab)

If the template should have control commands attached, configure here. Please refer to Control Commands in Templates for further instructions.


A sequence is a saved story (including primary and secondary items with relative timing information) .

Sequences are created in Viz Mosart GUI.
This is described in the Viz Mosart User Guide, under Operation, in section Creating Sequences.

Recalling a Sequence from Template

To recall a sequence from a template

  1. Select Sub Sequence

  2. Select the Sequence to recall. (The available options are the sequence names saved to the template set).

    For a direct take template, all sequence names, regardless of template set, are eligible, see Recall a sequence from a direct take template.

  3. If required, select Loop.

When a sequence is recalled from a template, actually only the secondary items of the first primary item are recalled (but still with the same timing information that it had in the saved story sequence).

Recall a sequence from a direct take template

To recall a sequence from a direct take template

Sequences may be recalled from direct take templates just as from other templates. However, when taking a direct take template, a sequence will be recalled only if the current template set (at that time) has a sequence with the same name chosen. (And then that sequence will be recalled.)

Any take out logic might not work as expected if the direct take is not fired at the beginning of the current main template.
When using direct takes with sequences it is recommended to recall them from a primary template and not use them with keyboard shortcuts.

Controlling a Sequence

When a sequence has been started it can be controlled using keyboard shortcuts with Control Command - SEQUENCE.

See table Command Values and Parameters, COMMAND SEQUENCE, Value LOOP, STOP_LOOP, STOP, START.

Template Database Sequences

A template database workflow does not support sequences.