Viz Mosart Administrator Guide

Version 4.1 | Published November 09, 2022 ©

Media Administrator Commands

Media Administrator is a console application, where you can run the following commands:

  • add <clipname> <index>: Adds a clip manually to the list of clips currently monitored. Typically used to test the installation.

  • delete <index>: Deletes a monitored clip with the given index.

  • dumpclips <filename>: Outputs a list of all monitored clips in an XML format. Outputs to console if no filename is given.

  • dumpprofiiler: Shows timing information. Typically used to test the installation.

  • exit: Exits the Media Administrator.

  • flushactionqueue: Flushes the internal action queue of all pending actions.

  • help: Outputs all available commands.

  • listactionqueue: Outputs the pending list of actions to be executed.

  • listclips: Outputs a list of all monitored clips.

  • listservers: Outputs a list of all configured media servers.

  • mmhost <hostname>: Sets the hostname of the Manus Administrator. Default: localhost.

  • postroll <roll>: Sets/displays the current value of the post roll.

  • reconnect: Reconnects to all configured media servers. Typically only one video server is connected.

  • reconnectadmin: Reconnects to the Manus Administrator.

  • refresh <n>: Refreshes the status for all monitored clips <n> times (by making a request io the server for all clips). Typically used to test the installation. Default <n> = 1.

  • search <regex>: Issues a clip search to the video server. The regex is a regular expression for clip names. Typically used to test the installation.

  • set <property>=<value>: Sets a property value. If no property is given, a list of all supported properties is displayed. The following properties are available:

    • NextClipAttemptDelay: Delay in seconds when to automatically verify presence of non-existing clips. Note that most video servers support asynchronous notifications making this functionality not necessary.

    • NextServerAttemptDelay: Delay in seconds when to try to reconnect to a video server. When the connection to a video server is not successful, this delay determines the time to wait before a new connection attempt.

    • NextPingDelay: Delay in seconds when to ping the connected video servers, to detect whether the servers are valid.

    • MonitorClipInterval: Interval for monitoring clips. A clip is polled for changes as long as any of its attributes changes.

  • settings: Opens the Media Administrator Properties Editor.

  • verbose: Toggles verbose output. In verbose mode, more information is logged to the console.

  • version: Outputs Media Administrator version and some system information.