Viz Mosart Administrator Guide

Version 4.1 | Published November 09, 2022 ©

Manus Administrator Commands

These console commands are only intended for advanced users, and principally for troubleshooting. They shall never be used on a live system.

Warning: Use of these commands may adversely affect system performance. Unauthorized use of these commands may invalidate a contracted Vizrt Support agreement.

tmpPrint: Print the manus

pcol: Print col1

setrundown, SR, CD [name]: Set a new rundown

TESTUPDATE: Start test timer

PRINTRUNDOWNS: Print newsroom rundowns

setManusDirectory: Set the directory in which manus are stored

VERSION Prints the current version

START: Start or stop the timeline
-FILEWATCHER -FW Starts the application in file watcher Modus

R: Release background

INIFILEPATH: Set ini file

INEWSFTPSERVER [servername] [username] [pathword]: Set the ftp connection to iNEWS FTP server, you must restart

GTS, G: Go to next story

NONEAUTOS: List none auto lower thirds

S: Skip next story

WQ: Write queue list

INEWSWORKINGDIRECTORY: Set the working directory

INEWSDEFAULTRUNDOWN: Set the default Showpath

LOG: Collect logs for all connections

SETTINGS: Show the Settings dialog

NEWSROOMSETTINGS, NS: Show Settings dialog for newsroomsettings

LOG: Write current log to file

SHOWLOG: Show logging elements

HIDELOG: Hide logging elements

PARSENATIVESTORY, PNS - Parse a native NRCS file to Mosart XML

PS [0] [0]: Print story or story item

PST: Print states

READSPEED [0]: Set read speed in words per minute

RELOADMANUS, RL, RELOAD: Reload current manus

RELOADTEMPLATES, RT: Reload channeltemplates

RESYNC: Resync rundown with NRCS

LM, LOADMANUS [filename]: Load manus from file

LISTCLIPS: List all items in media cache

TRACE: Activate/deactivate the Trace listener

SAVE [path]: Save the rundown as a file.

STEST Y or N millisec

SS, STUDIOSETUP: Set the current studio setup

SAVEASSEQUENCE [sequencename as string]: Save the rundown as a sequence

DUMPNCSSTORY, DNS [storyname] /p[destination filepath]: Dump a story in native NSML Format

DUMPNCSRUNDOWN DNR /p[destination filepath]: Dump the current rundown in the native NSML Format