Viz Mosart Administrator Guide

Version 4.1 | Published November 09, 2022 ©

Server Maintenance

This section describes various maintenance aspects of Viz Mosart, and is divided into the following:

Server File Structure

The Viz Mosart Server stores files in different locations on the workstation as indicated by the list below:



C:\Program Files (x86)\Mosart Medialab

Mosart applications. Various sub-directories for components such as Mosart GUI, Mosart Server and more. Either \Program Files or \Program Files (x86).


XML-files defining the channel templates. Normally contains at a minimum channeltemplates.xml, newsroomsettings.xml, AVConfig.xml.


The Run-down (playlist) files fetched from the Newsroom systems.


Default location for Log-files. Rotated.

C:\ProgramData\Mosart Medialab\ConfigurationFiles

System-wide configuration settings (XML).


User-specific application configuration files.

Note: The list above is an example and may differ for various installations and Windows versions. See below for further details.

Static Configurations

This is configuration that is static and common to all versions of Viz Mosart installed on the computer. Any upgrades do not overwrite any the content mentioned below but new configuration parameters are appended if present.

  • Location: C:\channeltemplates.

  • Type: Configuration.

  • Backup: Yes.

  • For Support: Yes.

  • Content:

    • Video and audio setup.

    • Story templates.

User Configurations

This is configuration that is dependent upon the location and version of the application. Typically under the location there is a set of directories each referring to a particular installation of a Viz Mosart application. For example, for the Media Administrator:

  • %UserProfile%\Local Settings\Application Data\Mosart_Medialab\MMConsoleAdmin_2007.exe_Url_<*>\<version number>. Any upgrades create a new subdirectory name with the corresponding version number and do a merge from the current version.

  • Location: %AppData%\Mosart_Medialab or %UserProfile%\Local Settings\Application Data\Mosart_Medialab (i.e. for a particular non-roaming user: C:\Documents and Settings\<User>\Local Settings\Application Data\Mosart_Medialab)

  • Type: Configuration.

  • Backup: Yes.

  • For Support: Yes.

  • Content: Settings for all Viz Mosart Applications, for example the content of the various settings dialogs.

Viz Mosart Applications and Services

This is the location where the Viz Mosart installers place program files.

  • Location: %ProgramFiles(x86)%/Mosart Medialab (i.e. for a default English language setup: C:\Program Files(x86)\Mosart Medialab).

  • Type: Applications.

  • Backup: Yes* - Most of the executables (.exe) files have corresponding configuration files. Normally the content in there is static and is not changed during an upgrade. Nevertheless, custom configuration is possible.

  • For Support: No.

  • Content: One or several subdirectories. One for each Viz Mosart installer.

Manus Administrator Repository

The Manus Administrator repository contains all rundowns that have been loaded into Viz Mosart from the newsroom system. All rundowns are stored in an XML format, making it possible to extract rundown information to use for other purposes, for example video clip usage statistics.

  • Location: C:\manus.

  • Type: Rundowns.

  • Backup: No* - Only for selected rundowns.

  • For Support: Yes.

  • Content: One or several subdirectories.

Log Directory

By default, log files are stored in C:\MMLogs.

  • Location: C:\MMLogs

  • Type: Log.

  • Backup: No.

  • For Support: Yes.

  • Content: A set of log files from the various Viz Mosart Applications.

    Note: For support purposes, collect all log files with timestamps that cover the period of time where an issue was discovered.

Files for Backup

All locations stated in Server File Structure should have a safety copy taken whenever changes are made to the active Viz Mosart Server. It is recommended to copy files and corresponding directories to a common share, outside Main and Backup Viz Mosart Servers, marked with Viz Mosart version and dated when the backup was performed.

File Purging

The Manus Administrator Repository and the Log Directory above, have built in mechanisms for purging files. The content of these directories grows unless a maintenance procedure is established.

For the Manus Administrator Repository, the retention period can be configured in the Manus Administrator by writing settings in the Manus Administrator console window, and then setting the value ManusExpirationTime to any number of days. The default value for ManusExpirationTime is 60 (days). If the manus files have an in-house maintenance procedure in place, use -1 and Manus Administrator will not delete any files. 0 is not a legal value. Only xml files auto-generated by Manus Admininstrator will be deleted.

The Log Directory system is preset to a 60 days retention period, but this can be changed, see System Logging.