Viz Mosart Administrator Guide

Version 4.1 | Published November 09, 2022 ©

Installing the Viz Mosart Template Database

This section presents both installing and creating a database for Viz Mosart templates.


  • A MySQL or equivalent, database server (MariaDB, AWS Aurora MySQL) installed and accessible from the Mosart server.
    This database server can be either dedicated to the Mosart automation servers or be an existing in-house or cloud-based server.

  • A database user with credentials sufficient for creating and altering the database. This is also mandatory for Av Automation, which automatically updates the template database.

  • A local MySQL client or tool that can connect and run sql scripts towards the database.

Note: The Viz Mosart server can operate with both MySQL 5.x and 8.x.

MySQL Database Servers and Clients

  • Wampserver: A complete Windows web development environment using Apache2 and PHP. It contains both MySQL and MariaDb database servers and supports PhpMyAdmin or Adminer for database management and configuration.

    Note: Wampserver contains MySQL 5.x

    This method is recommended when installing a dedicated template database for the Mosart automation servers. It provides remote access to the database, via http.

  • MySQL server: Use the MySQL Installer to install the last native MySQL database server. Recommended to also install the MySQL Workbench as a client for managing and configuring the database server.

  • MySQL Workbench: Provides an integrated tools environment for database management and administration.

  • MariaDB: Open source equivalent of MySQL server.

  • HeidiSQL: Simple free MySql/ProgreSQL/Microsoft SQL client.

  • dbVisualizer: Client for multiple database servers.

Refer to section Prerequisites for details of supported versions.

Verify the connection to the template database

Before configuring the Mosart Server, verify the connection between the template database and the Mosart Server, using a MySql client.
Typical issues at this stage relate to firewall and credentials/permissions.

MySQL Users

There are four types of users of a Mosart template database:




Server management

Full rights, at least the possibility to create and alter databases

Database management

Full rights within a single database / schema

Minimum rights for AV Automation

Database use (read/write)

Needs CRUD operations on a single database

Minimum rights for Manus Admin

Database use (read only)

Only need read operations on a single database

Minimum rights for ActiveX

It is recommend is to create two users for Mosart automation.
- One for the Mosart Server (AvAutomation and ManusAdmin) will full admin rights on the Mosart database.
- One for the Mosart ActiveX, which only requires rights to perform read operations.

Initial Mosart Template Database

File Location

The initial database is located in the Sql directory as part of the Mosart Server installation.

  • Pick the .sql file with the highest version number.
    In this example, 1.0.5:


This sql file (containing the initial Mosart Template Database) is used to create the initial database on the database server.

Creating an Initial Template Database

To Create a Template Database

You can create the initial template database in one of two ways:

  1. By importing the initial database sql file using a database client, All MySql database clients given above supports import of sql scripts. Normally requires root access.

  2. Using the MySQL command line tool mysql.exe. The script RunDbScripts.cmd contains command lines to import the initial database using mysql. This script is located in the BatchFiles directory as part of the Mosart Server installation.

    Option 2 (below) requires that you have first created an empty database mosarttemplatedb.

    ::: RunDbScripts.cmd:
    ::: Command script to upload an initial and empty database as the Mosart template database:
    ::: Option 1: Invoke mysql with user credentials on the command line.
    ::: Note localhost is assumed if host is not given.
    mysql [--host=hostname] --user=username --password=password mosarttemplatedb < ../Sql/InitialMosartTemplateDatabase_1.0.5.sql
    ::: Option 2: Invoke mysql with user credentials from the corresponding mysql.ini file.
    mysql --defaults-extra-file=mysql.ini < ../Sql/InitialMosartTemplateDatabase_1.0.5.sql
  3. After import, a database mosarttemplatedb is created


mysql.exe is part of MySQL Server, MySQL Workbench or Wampserver installations