DataPool User Guide

Version 2.13 | Published November 30, 2018 ©

Tables of Data Objects

In the DataArray plugin, we can organize the objects in an array structure and refer to the whole array or to single objects within the array using the array name and an index.

Sometimes it is useful to organize the objects and keep the object’s names. For example, rather than keeping a list of stocks we could keep a table in which IBM’s stock is stored under the name IBM, SGI’s stock under the name SGI and so on. As in the array, the table has an object type, but unlike the array the table doesn’t have a size. Every time an object is inserted in the table the table grows. The DataTable plugin stores the data sent to it and it is able to recall this data when requested. That data can later be used with the copy functionality of DataPool, to effect the graphic objects thru the DataFields.

A typical table of stocks could look as follows:

In the above figure a table of stocks named "Stocks" can be seen.

The children objects are called "Stocks[IBM]", "Stocks[SGI]", etc…

To send information to the stock IBM:

Stocks[IBM]/Price = 85.26;



To enter information to a number of stocks:

Stocks[IBM, AOL]={