DataPool User Guide

Version 2.13 | Published November 30, 2018 ©

Installing DataPool

First time installation

  1. Run the installation file and follow the instructions. When installing DataPool for the first time three installation types are available:

    • Typical: Installs only the DataPool plugin group.

    • Custom: Installs the plugin groups that the user selects.

    • Full: Installs all the DataPool plugins (all the groups).

  2. Select the installation type and continue. An information window displays the path of the installation and selected plugin groups.

    Note: The plugins are installed to the plugin directory under the latest Viz installation. If multiple Viz installations reside on the machine, the plugins are installed only to the latest installation of Viz.

    Note: This user guide is installed with the DataPool group.

Upgrade an existing installation

  1. When upgrading the installation three options are displayed:

    • Modify: Changes the installed groups on the machine.

    • Repair: Reinstalls the installed groups (*.dp files are not overwritten).

    • Remove: Uninstalls DataPool.

  2. Select one of the options and click the next button.

    Note: When upgrading from 2.4X version to 2.5X and selecting the repair option, only the DataPool group is installed. This is caused by the fact that 2.4X versions did not have the plugins divided to groups.