DataPool User Guide

Version 2.13 | Published November 30, 2018 ©


DataMaterialGradiant changes the material color of the controlled container to a color within a predefined spectrum (the plugin changes the hue of the material). A minimum value is assigned to one color and a maximum value is assigned to another color. Any value between the minimum and maximum values is translated to a color, and affects the container’s material.


Unique Parameters

  • Source material: Assigns the Data Min value to the material/alpha.

  • Target material: Assigns the Data Max value to the material/alpha.


Data Min is 0 and Data Max is 100. Source material is red and Target material is green. If the received data is 50 the material that is set on the container is yellow.

Note: DataMaterialGradiant plugin does not work unless the controlled containers have a material on them. If controlling child containers from a top node, each of the controlled child containers must have a material attached to it. The top container hosting the DataMaterialGradiant plugin doesn’t need to have a material attached to it.